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We start by housing people directly from the streets, without precondition. Things I can touch, and hold, and feel.” She grew up in North Jersey, studied social work at Temple, and in 2016 came to work at Pathways to Housing PA.

Then we address their underlying issues around mental health, addiction, medical care, income, and education to help integrate and welcome them back into our community. While the work can be challenging, she works with an incredible team, and she believes in her work.

Inside the magazine, Handler posed for a non-nude pictorial.

Live , which was then released on Netflix in October In , Time named Handler one of the most influential people in the world on their annual Time list.

Her realism might just be the thing that makes her so good at supporting people with a history of homelessness.

Artist Diane Pieri has always looked for authenticity and beauty in her work.

Don't let her beautiful flower garden deceive you; between starting Pathways to Housing PA in 2008 and the Philadelphia Furniture Bank in 2014, she doesn't have much free time.

If you chat a while, you'll realize she's a problem solver, "chronically responsible" some friends have called it; driven to make things better.

This time we wanted to feel the European multiplicity, but we also wanted to get lost in Asian sounds, get African vibes, and go clubbing in the Americas.

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