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If you desire to be married, do not just wait until it “happens.” Your role is not passive. Of course, the desire to be married is no guarantee that it will happen. If you find that your efforts toward marriage remain unfulfilled, I can simply tell you that we have a loving God, and that he calls us all to be fruitful in whatever state we are in right now. Christian reader, we will all be married to Christ on that day!We are to serve him with whatever he gives us: “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Peter , NIV). In the meantime, single men must learn to live out their sexuality in a way that prepares them for that ultimate wedding day.So even as Christian men, we engage in all sorts of physical intimacy with women, from “making out” to “hooking up” and everything in between.Often, we justify our sexual activity on the basis of the commitment level of the relationship.

The problem is not that men — whether single or married, Christian or non-Christian — do not understand this standard or are unaware of it.

You may be content in being single again, or you may desire to remarry.

And of course, biblically, you may or may not be free to remarry.

Some men have been married, but in God’s mysterious providence, either through death or divorce, they are now single again.

If this describes you, you may thank God that he has given you whatever joys you have known through marriage in the past.

Other single men have never been married, but they want to marry.

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