Speed dating teaching resources

Each person takes turns introducing his or her partner and a summary of his/her responses to the group. Then give the students a question or problem and have them state their ideas aloud as they write them down, each taking turns.

During this time no one is allowed to interrupt with comments or questions. Allowing students to become “experts” in subtopics, motivating students to come to class prepared; receiving feedback on students’ reading comprehension; teaching students how to ask good questions; giving students opportunities to learn from one another Give students an idea of about how long they can expect to facilitate a discussion in class. Each student should prepare to lead a discussion by 1) preparing at least two quotes from the reading they want to discuss in more detail 2) preparing two questions for class discussion and 3) offer two implications for the course. Active learning strategies in face-to-face courses. After working on the assigned matter, each group takes turns explaining their piece of the puzzle. Research on cooperative learning: Implications for practice. Note: if there is a large whiteboard, each group can have its own space to report their work. Then divide the class into pairs and have them stand facing one another. Students work in pairs and have approximately three minutes to communicate the main points of the article to their partners.

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